St. Mary’s Island Boating is an enterprise that offers services in the fields of water sports and adventure tourism. Owned and operated by professionals active in the fields of water transportation, salvage and underwater services, it was set up to provide guests with an insight into Malpe’s treasured waterways and marine resources while enjoying entertainment aboard our luxurious cruises. Malpe has long and wide beautiful Sea making it an ideal location for long and languid sea cruises.

Safety on board

  • When it comes to safety on board, we don’t make any compromises. Health, safety and security are our foremost concerns.
  • We have certified staff on-board trained in ship handling and life-saving techniques.
  • First-Aid kits are available on board at all times.
  • Safety equipment such as life jackets, ring buoys, rescue tubes, fire extinguishers are all available.
  • Emergency rafts are available, if needed.
  • We are equipped with a VHS radio receiver.
  • We have functional telephone communications on board.

Parasailing Ride

Take your day at the beach to thrilling new heights on a parasailing adventure. With your feet dangling hundreds of feet above the water. Safe and scenic, parasailing is the perfect sunny-day activity for just about everyone in the family.

Trip St Mary's island

St Mary’s Island is a small group of islands lying 58 km north of Mangalore and little to the north of the port of Malpe town. St. Mary’s Island are known for their famous basalt rocks which have crystallized into columns and split into hexagonal mosaic. St. Mary’s Isles are a group of small islands lying a little to the north of the port of Malpe 7 kms form Udupi.

The island is noted for its famous basalt rocks which Kulkunda, where a large cattle fair is held at the time of the have crystallized into columns and split into hexagonal mosaic. Perhaps, this is the only spot in India where basaltic rocks show up such peculiar formation.


Parasailing in Malpe is a thrilling sport that is very popular and much sought after. It is also known as Para ascending and is a sport that essentially requires a parachute and a boat. The sport is enjoyed by many tourists visiting Malpe and is very exciting. It is a sure treat for an adventure seeker and can be enjoyed at affordable rates. Parasailing is best enjoyed right after the monsoons as the skies are cloudless and blue and the waters are placid and safe.

Parasailing involves attaching a rope to the speedboat at one end and the parasail harness at the other end. As the speedboat speeds off into the ocean, the Para sailor is hauled up in the air. The sailor has no control over the parachute as he is firmly attached to the rope.

Speedboat Ride

In our Speedboat off-shore adventure, provides an ultimate sightseeing experience in true “Beach Style” from the plush seating in comfort and safety. As we accelerate through Government Cut hitting our top speeds. we set up every passenger for the most incredible view of udupi’s spectacular skyline.

We are the only tour boat that can give you an off-shore experience. Malpe Speedboat departs from Bayside Marketplace in the heart of Downtown Malpe. Once in Bayside you can in Malpe Beach.

Banana Rides

Malpe vacationers coming with their family and friends who look for a fun watersports activity should try the Banana Boat Ride. It is an inflatable boat that is shaped just like a banana and connected to a speedboat, which pulls it along the water at high speeds. Everyone riding the banana boat must hold on as tight as possible as the speedboat attempts to flip the inflatable boat thereby dropping its passengers into the water.

The banana boat ride is a fun and exciting activity that both children and grownups can enjoy. Our banana boat in Malpe can accommodate around 4 to 6 people. You don’t have to worry about your children on this ride as they are given life jackets for safety. The minimum age to ride the banana boat is above 10 years.


The port and beaches of Udupi are considered to be most beautiful in the country. The natural ports in this districts are the famous centres of business even in the past and this land is considered the finest spot in coastal Karnataka. The Kaup light house, Dariabahadur Gada, St Mary’s Island, Malpe port have the credit of being the attractive tourist spots as well as business centre. Malpe has been developing into a fullfledged natural port and is hectic all the days due to fishing activities. In addition to this Malpe, Brahmavar, Barkur, Hangarakatte are also working as important ports involved in fishing activities. It may be recalled here that Barkur was once the capital of the Alupa kingdom.

Camel Ride

Join Malpe Beach Camel Tours for a well-informed, leisurely camel ride on magnificent Cable Beach with Steve and his friendly camels in Malpe. Sit back and relax astride your friendly camel while sitting on soft, comfortable saddles, as team help you explore the character, physiology and nature of this remarkable animal.

Horse Riding

Escape from reality,  riding horseback in Seaside Malpe is like no other experience in the world. Malpe beach is wide open for endless miles of  horseback riding. This is a one-of-a-kind experience through local trails everyone will enjoy.