About Us

St Marys Island Boating was established in 2010 in Malpe, Udupi. St Marys Island Boating is a tour operation and travel solution firm that aims to provide unparalleled experiences to its valued customers.

People who have come on our tours have been so mesmerized that many of them have come over and over again. Following this we have become so fortunate, grateful and honored that they now have come forward to take Malpe Boating and it’s vision to a higher dimension. We are entering the most exciting time in Malpe Boating where My Dream has now become Our Dream and together see the exciting future and possibilities that lies before us and now we see that Big dream together.

St Marys Island Boating is a division of Holiday Planner , a tourism company which offers the most thrilling travel experience to the charming destinations of Udupi, Karnataka. Our well-researched tour itineraries are integrated with all the expressions of nature. Our extensive network spread across all corners of the country ensure ultimate relax and hassle-free service to the customers.